Appalachain Heritage Weekend at Matthews Farm Museum Green Wood Working

The Lodge is available for the Matthews Farm Heritage Day:

May 21 and May 22
9 AM – 5 PM

A catered lunch will be provided both days and is included in tuition. In this intensive two-day workshop Brad will introduce you to the art and craft of harvesting, splitting and shaping green wood into useful and beautiful everyday objects. Whether you want to roof a barn, make a basket, build a chair, weave a seat, or make handles for your tools, you’ll learn to split white oak shingles and strips, harvest hickory bark for chair seating, and split various hard-woods for handles and chair parts. Brad will also give you steam bending demonstrations and a comprehensive lecture on the care and sharpening of tools and inspire you with the rich history behind this ancient craft.

New River Lodge is close to the Matthew Farm Museum!!!  Call 276-237-8077 to make reservations for the whole family.

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